Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Auto Insurance and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

            Aside from primary and secondary auto car coverage, there is also additional car insurance coverage that you can buy that is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that will not only cover medical and hospital expenses that are reasonable and necessary but also other expenses during your recovery time. The other expenses can include loss of services, income continuation, funeral expenses and child-care expenses. Every person needs different amount of PIP coverage and it is suggested that you should buy as high limit as you can just in case to afford other additional coverage aside what your health insurance offers.
            There are some factors that contribute to your limits in buying coverage on PIP. They are high cost of health care, the arrangements of co-payments or deductibles, and the high costs of coverage limits. You can buy it to pay your personal medical expenses when you are in car accident and you feel you get some losses that you cannot go to work for awhile or if you have children, you cannot take care of them during your recovery. Seen from its price, the PIP coverage is neither the most expensive coverage nor the cheapest one. It is in the middle one. 

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