Thursday, October 13, 2011

Defining The Four Brain Waves

The brain is an organ that works on an electromechanical basis. It is made up of billions of cells that is called neurons. These neurons communicate with each other by means of electricity. Every time that a neuron fires it creates a chain reaction among the other neurons. This electric activity is called brain waves. The patterns of the brain waves differ, depending on what you are doing at the moment.

The brainwaves are measured in cycle per second or Herz (Hz).

Brain waves can be divided into four categories, ranging from the most activity to the least activity:

1. The Beta Waves [operates at 12 to 40 cycles per second]... associated with your conscious mind and waking activities. This is your mind's awake, attentive and alert state. This is the place where you make decisions and analyse situations. You speak and are actively involved.

2. The Alpha Waves [operates at 8 to 12 cycles per second]... this is your chill mode. You daydream and meditate while in a physical and mental state of relaxation. You're in this state in the morning when you wake up and when you go to sleep at night. This absorbing and receptive mental state gives you the opportunity to do self-hypnosis and give your brain suggestions that will stick. You are relaxed, alert and imaginative in this state.

3. The Theta Waves [4 to 7 cycles per second]... associated with the early or light stages of sleep while in a state of deep dreaming. It can also be called your 'twilight zone' because these waves processes and files the day's experiences. Also, the Theta Waves are associated with creativity, dreams and extra-sensory perception.

4. The Delta Waves [only a half to 3.5 cycles per second]... You can read these waves only when you are in a deep, dreamless sleep.

In the Beta State you concentrate to confront immediate problems at hand, or just get through the activities of the day. You have difficulty, however, to enter the subconscious to reach your intuition from here.

The Alpha State is the critter that lets you into the subconscious and it was concluded that you can store information effectively in your longterm memory when you're in this relaxed yet alert state.

We all experiences the Theta State for a split of a second every night before the minds descends from the Beta State of Awareness to the oblivion of the Delta State of Deep Sleep, where not even dreams occur.

The Delta State is the level where the mysterious universal mind resides, which means that it's a place in our minds that cannot be reached literally. It's our Collective Unconscious.

Post Script. They are not really separate brain waves. The categories are just for convenience. One brain wave state you predominate depending on the activity of the individual, while the remaining three brainwaves are still present in the mix of brainwaves always.

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By Caren_Pretorius

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