Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hypertension Natural Cure - Garlic As the Best Herb to Manage Blood Pressure

Hypertension, while could not be fully treated, is something that could be managed. Living with hypertension could be much easier than you think. With the use of hypertension natural cure, you could live to enjoy each day with enough energy and zest. While there are a lot of herbs that had been included in a lot of hypertension natural cures, more experts believe that garlic remains to be the best herb that could help manage this health condition. Here are some basic herbs that you could consider in finding the best hypertension natural cure to manage your condition.

The Basics of Garlic as a Natural Hypertension Cure

Garlic helps to promote the proper dilation of the muscles in our blood vessels. The adenosine, a compound found in garlic, acts as Mother Nature's muscle relaxant and also aids in vaso dilation. Including garlic in your everyday is extremely beneficial not only in managing hypertension but also in reducing your cholesterol level and preventing the risk of colon cancer.

Raw or cooked? Which is more effective?

While there are a lot of supplements known to include garlic in their ingredients, it would be best for you to take fresh, natural garlic clove. When taken raw, many consider garlic as one of the best hypertension natural cures that Mother Nature has provided mankind. To become effective as a hypertension natural cure, you need to take three to four garlic cloves daily.

How to include garlic in your diet?

While it would quite to difficult to include garlic in your everyday diet, you need to understand that managing to take garlic daily could significantly lower the risk of your blood pressure going overboard. Tip: finely chop raw garlic. Mix the chopped garlic cloves in one cup of apple cider vinegar.

There could be so many hypertension natural cures that you could choose from to help you enjoy life longer. Visit Hypertension Natural Cure for more information on hypertension natural cure.

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