Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Lower Hypertension With Healthy Food Selections

Hypertension is considered such a dangerous disease simply because of its clandestine nature: it sneaks up on the individual who may never be aware that he or she has high blood pressure until they have an annual checkup with the physician. High blood pressure can result in a heart attack, stroke, and in extreme cases can result in death. Hypertension is an issue that can be controlled, however, through positive lifestyle changes and food selections. If you want to lower blood pressure with some all natural remedies, here are some superlative food choices that can help you do just that.

Consume some foods containing Garlic if you are looking to reduce hypertension; research has shown that Garlic, a small onion variant, has been proven to act as a blood thinner much as aspirin behaves. The main ingredient in Garlic that works in alleviating hypertension is adenosine, which aids in the dilation of blood vessels and relaxes one's muscles. It is recommended that individuals with high blood pressure consume three to four Garlic cloves each day: the cloves can be easily swallowed down with a fresh glass of water. For those individuals who cannot stomach the idea of swallowing fresh Garlic cloves, there are Garlic oil capsules available on the market for little expense that will provide the same hypertension reduction benefits. Individuals interested in consuming garlic to battle high blood pressure however, are first advised to speak with a physician before doing so; some studies reveal that Garlic can interact with certain medications like saquinavirs, warfarin, and antiplatelets. Those individuals implementing this remedy also need to be wary of the natural side-effects produced by Garlic consumption which include halitosis.

Looking to lower blood pressure via tasty treats; then it's time to pick up some fresh bananas. Bananas are tremendously high in potassium levels and lowered levels of potassium have been correlated with hypertension. If you aren't fond of bananas, you have some splendid, high potassium containing food choices to select from; you can add watermelon and/or fresh oranges to your diet, or you can throw in a sampling of almonds each day if you so desire. You can also incorporate potassium enriched food choices into your main meal selections and have meals with a side of potatoes or a side of tomatoes and spinach as well.

A tried and true tradition for alleviating high blood pressure issues is to partake of a diet that is as near absent of salt products as possible. Salt is associated with elevated blood pressure levels so, if consumed, it should be eaten in the smallest amounts feasible. Recent studies have also revealed that many individuals that develop issues with high blood pressure mainly have to eliminate salt from their diet in order to return blood pressure to healthy levels: these individuals wind up never having to partake of hypertension medications whatsoever. On the same token, for those seeking hypertension reduction foods and beverages, it's a good idea for one to refrain from beverages and food that contain caffeine too.

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